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Does mainstream media treat the pallet industry like a redheaded stepchild
August 11, 2011

It seems more like the press has turned a blind eye when it comes to positive press for  the shipping pallets industry; to even out negative stories portrayed in the media this past year.

OK, maybe this was a tough year for  Pallet manufacturers.Press about Tylenol, ecological impact on trees and more, could be found easily.  When you get down to it, there were very little positive angles of journalism regarding pallets.  I guess mainstream media finds it easier and more appealing to cover the negative and skip the positive actions of the  Pallet and wood industry .

You can read Chaille Brindley’s full article by following the link on the bottom of this blog post. Mr Brindley also writes about the following:

“Even though it has been a rough year for many readers, hopefully, some bright ideas from this issue will help you position your company for growth in the coming year. Okay, so now to the “news” stories that could have been if only….”

To read above mentioned fictional accounts on Mr. Brindley’s article on Pallets Enterprise.

by Cliff

At Pallets Unlimited, we are helping pick up the slack where mainstream media left off and dropped the ball, by creating our own news.  We are also using the power of the industry magazine Pallets Enterpriseto help us find the stories that need to be highlighted and blogged about, putting a creative spin on it, have fun and grow our business to new heights.

Chaille Brindley also mentions the costs that are saved in the use of shipping pallets, and the logistics behind what would happen if we had to move it all by hand.  Mr Brindley also spoke about and how palletsare a necessary evil that has made billions of loads move more efficient with the  use of wooden pallets.

Pallets & Wood Get No Respect Read Chaille Brindle’s full article

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