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How the Cement Industry Promotes Pallet Reuse and Recycling
February 3, 2012

How the Cement Industry Promotes Pallet Reuse and Recycling

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Clearly Marked with 800 Number for Return

The Ontario cement industry uses well over 100,000 new pallets each year. A frustration situation that previously inhibited recycling pallet reuse in this industry was the lack of standardization among the four cement companies that operated in the province. While the pallets being used by each producer were similar, there were enough differences so the pallets could not be used interchangeably among the companies. This limited the opportunities for reuse and refurbishment of pallets.

As differences were minor between the various cement company pallet sizes, the Association listened to recommendations from pallet industry professionals that a common pallet would promote reuse and recycling by pallet recyclers. As part of their business, pallet recyclers sort and repair many different sizes and types of pallets. By consolidating onto only one size of cement pallet, recyclers would be more likely to generate economic quantities of cement pallets to refurbish and resell back to building products companies. In conjunction with the standardization, CAC also worked to communicate the change to pallet recycling companies, to draw attention to the opportunity of recycling the cement industry pallets.

The standard chosen by the cement makers was a 40×48”, softwood stringer pallet. The pallet is painted green to make it easily identifiable. On the outside stringers, ‘Cement Recycles,’ is stenciled, along with a toll-free number that can be called to have empty pallets picked up.

Such calls result in the rescue of about 2,500 unwanted cement pallets annually.

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