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Saving Pallet Costs
September 17, 2012

Our pallet specialists can provide expert advice to help you ensure the long life of your pallet. Generally, you can save money on pallets in two ways: buying multi-use pallets, and properly training your lift-truck operators. For maximum value, material handlers should choose the right pallet for their specific unit load requirements. Lift-truck operators should be trained to handle pallets as reusable assets, not as scrap. Pallets are most often damaged by fork-tine impact.

Other tips include:

  • Don’t toss out damaged pallets; instead, have them repaired at one of 1,000+ pallet repair facilities in North America.
  • Switch to standard-size pallets.
  • Calculate the cost per trip of your pallets.

Universal can help you engineer your pallets efficiently and economically according to your exact load-unit specifications. Using our PDS pallet design tool, we can design a customized, durable pallet that’s just right for your job and your products.

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