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Plastic Pallets Used vs. Wood Pallets: Which is Best?
March 10, 2013

Published on January 16, 2012 by Christian George Francisco Acevedo

If you are saving money but you are still willing to shop for pallets, it is important that you choose plastic pallets to save more while still enjoying a certain degree functionality for your business.
Plastic pallets are fast becoming popular alternative to wooden ones. This is obvious, citing the fact that plastic pallet boasts of many benefits compared to the wood and the positive reviews for this type of pallet continues to lure more and more people to go for the plastic pallet. What are the advantages of plastic pallets used?
Uniform size, shape and weight. Pallets are manufactured uniformly using injection-molding state of the art technology. They also pass through strict quality control so the weight is also uniform.
Plastic pallets are resistant to moisture, fat, acids, solvents and chemicals. They do not absorb these solutions should there be accident in the workplace that could otherwise undermine the stability of the structure.
Resistant to pests and diseases. Plastic are favorable for international shipping since they are not prone to transporting pests and infestation. Likewise, plastic pallets are also free from fungi, mold, termites and other infestations.
Hygienic. Plastic pallets used are very easy to clean and wash, thus you won’t encounter difficulty in cleaning should there be any spill due to contamination. Likewise, plastic pallets are resistant to heat and pressure, making them the right choice for the medical and pharmaceutical and food industries.
Safe handling. Plastics unlike wood do not have pointed edges, splinters, and nails, thus they are safe for use.Space practical. Plastic pallets used are light weight and easy to store. You can stack them up, so you don’t need so much space for storage and safe keeping.
Suffices shipping requirements. International shipping standards call for wooden pallets to undergo treatment before going abroad. However, plastic does not fall under this requirements, so they any export products bound abroad need not pass through the sirex treatment.
Less Weight. Compared to wooden pallets, a plastic pallet weighs up to 30 percent less compared to wooden pallets. Therefore, you don’t have to exert that much effort or energy while shipping and transporting products.
Longer lifespan. Plastic pallets are said to live 10 times longer than average wooden pallet.
Weather resistant. You can store plastic pallets even outdoors and you don’t have to provide protection against moisture.
Ecofriendly. Production of wooden pallets require manufacturers to cut lumber, which should be avoided to preserve forests.
Contrary to popular notion, plastic pallets reuse are actually more beneficial than harmful to the environment, so they are actually better choice for any type of business.
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